Testimonials - Creating A Healthy Life and Marriage

Kathleen Rodriguezstars
Working with Judith Desjardins has been a life changing experience. Insecurity, love, marriage, infertility, success, Judith has been there every step of the way. Her approach to life issues is compassionate, caring and well thought out. She encourages her clients to dive deep within themselves and get to the real issues. I have learned how to recognize, bring forth and embrace my life and turn it into a successful and happy life, marriage and family. Thank you, Judith!

Larry Williamsstars
I’ve only read Creating A Healthy Life and Marriage once, but I intend to read it again, thoroughly, because I think it’s an outstanding literary work. There’s so much that I like about it! I like the style it’s written in. I like your clear, honest voice. Your personal wisdom, experience, and skills come through on each page like a bright light in a pitched black cave. And I like the way you’ve synthesized the addiction face, which is my main focus…

I especially like that your book is not full of psychobabble. It’s easy to read and comprehend. I think it’s safe to say that those who are not of the social-science intellectual circles or trained in academics, really appreciate the ordinary language.