Endorsements - Our Journey with Prostate Cancer

Jill Wilsonstars
RN, MSc in Cognitive Behavior Psychotherapy, Hospice and NHS counselor and therapist, Lancashire, England

“This is a truly a personal account, written from the heart. It is both practical and educational, blended in an emotionally compelling journal format with well researched and informed recommendations for the mind, emotions, body and spirit of patients and their families.

The mixture of information, prayer, food, love, exercise, the thoughts/emotions/behaviors experienced, relaxation practices, all intertwined is what makes it for me. It gives hope!”

Przemyslaw Twardowskistars
M.D., Medical Oncologist, City of Hope

“What is unique about this book are the very specific recommendations on coping with cancer diagnosis, directed to patients, spouses, and healthcare providers. They involve diet, attitude, exercise, hints on how to deal with the ‘healthcare system.

The book is very honest, talks about the ups and downs, setbacks, fears, frustrations, but ultimately, coping, faith and hope.

I recommend this book to cancer patients, their spouses and significant others, doctors and nurses involved in the care of cancer patients, social workers, and other healthcare providers.”

Dr. Shani Foxstars
Healing and Hope for Cancer Survivors, a holistic medical practice

“The message that patients are important members of their medical teams, and the discussions of dynamics between patients and immediate family members are very important and helpful, and has potential to alleviate a lot of suffering.”