Today I would like to present a different concept of THE BODY:

In Scripture, the body is said to be “the temple of the spirit.”

I would like to expand this idea. I believe the body is a “sacred space” – designed and given to us by God – that contains our emotions, spirit, energy (chi), dynamic organs, skeletal system, five senses, immune system, and the ability to heal itself and connect with other people, animals, nature, through activities which promote love.

Our body has innumerable pathways that send us messages about ourselves, the world, our relationships, potential danger, and a nervous system with two parts:

sympathetic nervous system – alerts us to danger and prepares us for the survival “fight/flight/immobilization” response with bursts of adrenalin and stress cortisol, so that we can fight, run, or “play dead” when we are confronted by danger.

parasympathetic nervous system – calms and quiets our emotions, mind, and body by releasing dopamine and restoring our sense of equilibrium and calm.

Our body is in constant communication with our brain, sending messages and responding to messages.

Our body is “us.”  It is vital, miraculous, and wonderful.

Our body is our friend, acting like a barometer or thermostat of our emotions, mind, and spirit.  As it ebbs and flows, it constantly tells us about ourselves, if we listen.

It warns us when one of the other of our parts is in trouble – our mind, emotions, and spirit. If we do not listen to the “initial, minor symptoms” that our body gives us, it will develop more serious symptoms, until we “get the message” and make some necessary changes.  If we still do not pay attention, our body will develop a life-threatening or chronic, debilitating illness.

Our body loves us, is part of us, and is entitled to our respect and loving care.