Welcome To My First Zoom Interview For My Holistic Cancer Recovery Hub website.

This is a very special event for me!

I have been in recovery for Pancreatic Cancer for nearly 4 years now and have been posting videos and articles about my journey since 2020, on YouTube, LinkedIn, and my websites. It was my desire as a Holistic psychotherapist and educator to share my journey with people around the world who are living with cancer – in hope that my experiences and insight might bless and encourage them.

My approach is to Holistically treat body, mind, emotions and spirit of the patient as a means to empower themselves and have a dramatic impact on their treatment outcomes.

To be successful in your battle with cancer, ” RECOVERY” MUST BE DEFINED AS A VERB. You must take daily ACTIONS with your body, mind, emotions and spirit to be strong, powerful, healthy, resilient, undaunted in your commitment to LIVE, RECOVER, HEAL.

Throughout my journey I have seen many patients who gave their bodies to the medical establishment and “hoped for the best.” Often, they were depressed, immobilized, traumatized and had poor treatment outcomes.

In November 2023, I launched my new website:
https://lnkd.in/gw6VExW5 with the desire to create a community of inspiring cancer patients around the world who would contribute their success stories and tips to encourage, inform, and support cancer patients around the world.

The logo for my website is AN ACTIVE BEEHIVE – where every bee has a special skill and job to do to support the production of Honey (or in this case HEALING).

I had a secret dream and desire to one day become an INTERVIEWER of other cancer patients. Four years in the making, it has finally come true!

Welcome to my Interview with Mark Kageyama, whom I met via one of my Followers on LinkedIn. I had the pleasure of watching some of his inspiring video interviews of people in the cancer community and reached out to him.

Today, we are making history of our own and I am so happy for you to meet him and hear his amazing story. He has Stage 4 Prostate cancer which has spread to his bones and liver.

Please visit my website: