On 5-19-23 an MRI revealed that my Stage 1 Pancreatic cancer (which had NO DETECTABLE sign of cancer for 30 months after my initial Distal Pancreatectomy/Spleenectomy was performed on 10-23-2020) had metastasized to my liver.

The tumor in the liver was a solitary tumor measuring 21mm, and was located in the upper Segment 2 (left smaller section of the liver).

The tumor board at UCLA recommended an Ablation of the liver tumor – where CT guided imagery radiofrequency would destroy the tumor, without having to do surgery.

The day of my Liver Ablation, blood work showed that the CA19-9 number was: 2,202 – an astronomically high number. The normal range for this test should be 24-28.

Because of this very high number, all the doctors were afraid that the Pancreatic cancer might have spread to many parts of my body. As such, they were pretty pessimistic that the Ablation would be successful and predicted the CA19-9 number would take a very long time to decrease. They also highly recommended that I start a course of systemic chemotherapy.

I told each doctor that I am a holistic psychotherapist and 30-month Pancreatic cancer thriver that wanted to see if my body could heal itself after the Ablation – through my rigorous anti-cancer diet, 1-2 hour run/walking 5 times a week, prayer, gardening, journaling, personal empowerment and belief that my body could heal itself.

Here’s where we get to the QUANTIFIABLE POSTIVE RESULTS.

3 Weeks after my Liver Ablation, an MRI revealed there was NO DETECTABLE CANCER in my body, and my new CA19-9 number was:274!

The Interventional Radiologist said: “These results were largely due to your anti-cancer Holistic approach to attacking cancer!”

The Oncologist said: “The MRI and CA19-9 score tell me that THERE IS NO NEED FOR CHEMOTHERAPY at this time. We will follow up with another CA19-9 test in one month to see if the number continues to drop. You were right to trust your intuition and your anti-cancer Holistic approach to cancer recovery. You are an inspiration!” He and his NP have asked me to meet with other cancer patients in their practice, to inspire and coach them. I told him I will be delighted to do so.

I send HOPE, SUPPORT, PRAYERS, AND ENCOURAGEMENT to cancer patients and their families around the world.