Today we are going to join Hopie as he shows us around his kingdom: his dog/bird/cat house in the avocado tree, his new Japanese Maple tree named Megumi, Mont’s Place Japanese Tea House, his other trees and plants and spinning fish.

This is where he brings Mama – to heal and replenish her body, mind, emotions and spirit while being on her cancer journey of nearly 4 years.

Here, we play, laugh, cuddle, and celebrate Life and our Love for each other.

As his Mama, I tell you that this little boy Hopie saves my Life and heals me, day after day after. We have so much fun, he renews my spirit, and brings healing to every part of my being. After our romp outside, we laid down together on the day bed and he cuddled on my chest, his head right under my chin, and he licked every part of my face to show how much he loves me and our special time together.

Rescuing him from a sewer in 2013 was one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me!