For many people, their body is the “vehicle” that drives their head around.

These are the people who are always thinking, observing, calculating – who may have escaped their body in childhood to avoid the uncomfortable emotions and physical sensations that were housed there.

Their mind became their defense against an uncertain environment .  They feel safe in their head – ever watchful, ever on alert, always trying to control themselves and their environment.

They live in their head, numb to what transpires from the neck down.  They don’t want to be connected to their heart, their guts, and their five senses.  Below the neck, things are uncertain, out of their control, ever changing.  Emotions perplex them.  Body sensations and emotional reactions are frightening and stressful.  These people do not want to ride the emotional roller coaster that is incumbent in living a full life.

They live in their head, thinking, planning, analyzing, preparing for the future or replaying events from the past.  Their mind never rests.

Their body is treated like a car: they give it gas and oil, so that it can drive them where they want to go, but may forget to check the warning gauges and recommended manufactures’ check-ups.

In the blog postings that follow I will be presenting a different point of view about the importance of the whole body.