I will be writing many articles about the concept of “the Spirit.”

In this initial article I would like to define what I mean by the term.

I believe that each person has an individual spirit and I believe there is a Higher Power that has a Spirit – which seeks to connect with us.

Carl G. Jung believed that each individual has a yearning to connect with the greater Spirit.  He described the “process of individuation” where each person is driven to develop their own individual spirit and identity.  In turn, that individual spirit is not content until it connects to Higher Spirit.

For today, I want to concentrate on defining the individual spirit, which I am representing with the photo of the pink light which emanates from the center of this tree, magnifying the beautiful colors, providing light in the darkness, and giving a glow to all that surrounds it.  This photo is a metaphor of “spirit.”

In my book, Creating A Healthy Life and Marriage, I define spirit as:

“Your spirit is that part of you which is individual and unique, which has tremendous power, which is designed to guide you in the process of actualizing your divine destiny.

Your spirit is the most transcendent part of you.  It does not age or decay, it does not die, and it always seeks your highest good.  It often knows what you should do before your mind, emotions, and body have figured it out.

Your spirit may have been cramped, battered, or abused by your family of origin, but it cannot be extinguished, even in death.

It is the best and most permanent part of you.  It is the strongest part of you.

Your spirit can help heal you of your wounds, however severe they may be.  It seeks to connect you with your Higher Power but will always give you the right not to.

Your spirit will speak to you in dreams, in writing, in art, in dance, in nature, in animals.

When you are quiet, when you make time to listen, it will speak to you in a quiet inner voice.  The emerging voice of the spirit does not have negative characteristics…Your spiritual voice will give you only messages of love, approval, encouragement, hope, inspiration, creation, and forgiveness.

It will caution you to avoid danger and wrongdoing.  It will confront you when you have done wrong and call you to make amends.

The Creator has given you all the tools for a happy, healthy life and relationships.  Everything you need is within you.  You have only to look.”