This Sunday I am sending Love and Acknowledgment to all the mothers, grandmothers and mother-like women around the world: aunts, cousins, mothers who have adopted and nurtured children, animals, plants, trees, community projects; marvelous teachers who instill wonder, knowledge, caring for others, character development; loving nurses, nurses’ aides, doctors, NP’s who give medical care, kindness, tenderness to their patients; kind neighbors and volunteers who care for the elderly, serve in food banks, send gift packages to our military and the homeless refugees around the world – so many more I cannot mention.

You are the backbone of society, the instructors in culture, wisdom, heart-centered behavior. You give birth to children, and you have born the weight of injustice and prejudice over the centuries.

You are the warriors who stand up for your families, your inherent rights, your beliefs, what is right and just in this world.

You are gentle, kind, quick to forgive, eager to bake and make delicious meals for your family, even on a very tight budget.

If there is little food in your house/hut/homeless encampment, you give it to your hungry children and forgo a meal for yourself.
Many times, it is you who pass on spirituality, religion, reverence for God.

You offer warm hugs, kisses and encouragement to everyone in your household, with gentle tenderness. You apologize for your mistakes or wrong-doing and model what it means to forgive.

Often you are the single parent or grandmother raising your children or the children of your children – willing to do the hard work, willing to accept any work, willing to work for low wages so you can provide for your family.

You are the change agents who protest, organize, work as lawyers, health professionals serving the poor and excluded – to change the world and enhance life for the less fortunate.

Bless each of you around the world, in whatever capacity you serve and love. You are the future, you give us Grace in a present world of turmoil and darkness, you inspire us and make us proud to be women.

You are the creatives, the dancers, the poets, the artists, the mental health workers, the crossing guards.
I send you Love, Recognition, and Admiration. Blessed are you!