“When you have cancer, you learn to live in the moment, take things slowly, appreciate the small things, listen to your body, keep things simple, rest, relax, let go of outcome, celebrate the small things, appreciate what comes your way, find peace in the moment, move slowly, appreciate the moment-to-moment gift of each day.”

Don’t try to control each day. Be flexible as the day unfolds.

Celebrate what you have been able to accomplish. Savor each day and the Gift of Life.

Don’t be attached to outcomes, stress, or tightness. Make fun for yourself each day.

Lower your expectations of how things should turn out. Life is not perfect, nor are people.

Take, make time to rest.

Let go of outcome expectations. Find the blessings in each day. Increase your moment-to-moment joy.

Don’t try to muscle or power your way through the day. Go with the flow, relax and enjoy.

Always make time for people in need, ahead of your planned agenda.

Be quiet and observe the miracles within each day.

Keep things simple, very simple.

Make pleasures for yourself throughout the day, simple pleasures. Celebrate – the sounds of birds, the growth of your plants, an unexpected encounter, the taste of your food, and observation about yourself, the “spaces” between activities, the feel of your body on your mattress.

Live less intensely, more joyfully.

Celebrate your Self and God as you move through each day. You are blessed to be alive.

Each day is going to happen; you cannot put the brakes on to stop it. You must find a way to flow with it. Find a way to enjoy each day, the unexpected.

Find the “dance of life” each day and celebrate.

Notice, appreciate the ebb and flow of your energy throughout the day, and make adjustments. Notice your fatigue. You cannot maintain constant intensity. You must adjust, relax, modulate your efforts with periods of rest and enjoyment.

Lower your expectations of others and observe their humanness.

Find ways to be generous, of your time, your money, your service to others. It will bless your soul, your spirit.
Photo shows a teddy bear with a bandage around his head. This teddy bear is a symbol of a person who is hurting and desires to be cared for

Don’t get caught up in the “little picture” of today. Keep your eyes, ears, heart and spirit open to the “Big Picture.”