To me, this is a valid question for people of all ages, ethnicities, religions, and countries around the world.

You see, each of us are human. Each of us are born, live, and die at some point.

The value of this question helps us determine how we will live between the two points: from birth…….to death, and what will be the quality of our lives.

When people are clear about their life’s purpose they are filled with an inner peace, despite whatever is going on in the world around them.  They begin each day with a sense of excitement. They are eager to move through life and its challenges because they know inside themselves that they matter. They are driven by an inner voice and a sense that they can achieve their goals and purpose.

When people lack purpose and have no direction, it shows up in the mind, emotions, body, and spirit.  Pain of some sort manifests itself throughout the person and in the relationships with the Self and other people.

DSCN2453-lowresAs a holistic psychotherapist for so many years, treating people of all ages, I have witnessed that people can be filled with anxiety, depression, addictions, hopelessness, and purposelessness at any age. In fact, there seems to be an increase in these problems among younger children.

Why is it, then, that some people are so clear about the direction and purpose of their lives?

Right now at the Rio Olympics, we see athletes from around the world who are driven by their inner visions, who work hard year after year in order to achieve their dreams. They often defy the odds of age, gender, family background, personal challenges, negative stereotypes, lack of training facilities. Their triumphs inspire us, give us joy and hope.  We identify with them and want to be like them; even more so if they win a medal despite extreme obstacles.

Where do they get their personal vision and the determination and self-discipline to fulfill their dreams?

I can’t really answer that question, but based on some of the personal profiles shown on television it looks like family support, mentors who saw their gifts and nurtured them, God-given abilities, their own inner voice, and a relationship with God fostered many of them.

If you are among the many people who do not know your purpose in life, I can make a few suggestions:

  1. Pay attention to what gives you joy. Think back to your childhood and remember what gave you joy.  Scroll through the memories of your life and remember what gave you joy.  Open your heart and your senses today and see what gives you joy.  “Purpose and joy often go hand in hand.” 
  2. Ask the people who love and know you the best to tell you what you are good at doing.Purpose and ability often go hand in hand. 
  3. Spend quiet time with yourself and listen to your Inner Voice, Your Spirit. “Your Spirit is designed to guide you to your Highest Good.”  It will lead you, encourage you, inspire you to be true to your purpose.  Pay attention to your dreams when you are sleeping and when you awake.  Dreams give you communication from your Spirit, often revealing hidden purpose.  Dare to push yourself beyond your current confinements, fears, and doubts.  Dare to love and believe in your Self. 
  4. Seek out people who will love, nurture, and support your dreams and purpose in life. As humans, we need help and love from other people.” If you cannot find this within your family of origin, create an adopted family and circle of friends who can provide this. 
  5. Ask God and His Spirit to reveal your purpose in life. God knows the desires of your heart and it is His Joy to help you achieve them.” Each of us has a purpose in life that we were divinely created to achieve. No one else in the world can replace your unique identity and purpose. When you invite God to show you your purpose, He will send you His Spirit to teach you and guide your footsteps. You have only to listen and follow the path. 
  6. In your home, business, and personal relationships, surround yourself with people who have purpose and create beauty in the world. We are influenced by the people around us; make wise choices. You will inspire each other.