Here’s the back story: In 1976, after 7 years as a poor, single mother of two small children who put herself through graduate school and entered the work force with an MSW, I was overwhelmed, depressed, and reached out to God to help me. He entered my life and began the slow, healing, transformation process. I used writing in journals to connect with God, my wounded places, and to receive spiritual wisdom. I dedicated my life to serving God, healing people, and sharing my knowledge.

In 1995, I began writing my first book, “Creating A Healthy Life and Marriage; A Holistic Approach: Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit.” Fifteen years later, I was ready to publish, but could not find a publisher. My book was “too much psychology” for Christian publishers, “too much about God” for secular publishers.

I took a leap of faith and founded Spirit House Publishing in 2010, believing the God would lead the way. The company logo is a hand-drawn picture of the Holy Spirit, a dove.

Thus began my exciting odyssey of entering the publishing world: I worked with American printers and distributors releasing “Creating A Healthy Life and Marriage” in 2010, “Our Journey with Prostate Cancer: Empowering Strategies for Patients and Families” in 2014, e-Books of both titles in 2018, and single-handedly negotiated a Foreign Rights contract with a Polish publisher to release “Zranione Serca” (2013), a Polish translation of “Creating A Healthy Life and Marriage.”

Through the years I have sold hundreds of books and donated books to librarians, prisons for men and women, Books for Troops, Little Free Libraries, people who were released from wrongful incarceration, hospital cancer units, substance abuse facilities, and people who were recently diagnosed with cancer.

My dream came true: “Even if I only sell one book that helped one person, I will be happy!”

In celebration, I would love for anyone who has purchased or received free copies of my books to leave REVIEWS ON AMAZON for me. That would bless me immensely.