This blog was inspired by The Spirit and guided each step of the way. Blogging is a new concept for me and I am at the beginning of the learning curve.

I am a member of the “older generation” and I am not tech savvy like the younger generation. But I am willing to learn and that’s all that is required by Spirit. You see, The Spirit is always waiting to connect with our spirits. The job of Spirit is to call us to move forward to new plateaus of growth. Onward and upward, moving closer and closer to the Light, God and our Abundance.

When our bodies are created at the point of conception, we are endowed with emotions, minds and spirits. Each of our four parts are designed to work together throughout our lifetimes. When they are in balance and harmony, we are able to enjoy our lives, our relationships, and our divine destinies. When we are cut off from our bodies or hearts or minds or spirits, we are like the “walking dead,” who go through life in a series of monotonous steps, numb to the potential within and around us. Our lives lack joy, fulfillment, loving relationships with ourselves and the people in our lives.

Our lives begin in childhood, under the tutelage of our parents. Our little bodies grow and get stronger and more developed. Our unique personalities begin to emerge early on. We begin to experience a variety of emotions, which our parents are challenged to guide. The sense of our spirits, as a guiding force in our lives, takes longer to recognize.

I would say that the earliest experience of Spirit is our intuition. We don’t know why, but we begin to hear a kindly voice that points us toward loving behavior, or cautions us of potential danger, or encourages us to take risks and learn and grow.

In this blog I will share my personal experiences with Spirit. I intend to write from my heart and it is my hope that my experiences and thoughts will help you open your hearts, minds, bodies and spirits to the Fullness of Life which is your birth right. In the days and weeks ahead I will encourage you to share your thoughts, questions, reactions and inspirations, so that, together, we can bless our world.

Blessings to you!