“Your body’s Divine ability to heal itself is amazing!”

Just as I struggled for hours to write this tale yesterday, stumbling to gather the facts and construct them into a discernible format, I went to bed knowing that the Spirit of God would help me filter them into something compelling during my deep sleep.

Since becoming a published author in 2010, this has been my process. I see and feel and think things deeply and then my spirit, connected to God, knits them together seamlessly. I had glimpses of this ability earlier in life, going back to childhood, and once in a while as I aged, but it didn’t really manifest itself until I dedicated myself to the task.

Deep within myself, I knew I HAD to write my first book and I fully dedicated myself to the process. It took me 15 years, but I finally finished the book and it was a labor of love. And it cemented my ability to work closely with God. Thoughts would rise up inside me and with the Spirit’s assistance, it would flow out of me onto the page like automatic writing.

I have experienced a similar process in my journey with cancer. I see and feel and know things about my body’s ability to heal herself and I trust in the process of working with God to design my treatment plan.

When I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Pancreatic cancer on October 23, 2020, the cancer was caught so early because I had noticed subtle changes in my body and pushed the doctors to find out what was wrong. The first internist examined me, did preliminary tests, then dismissed me. The second internist did the same process of examination and blood tests, but thought it was prudent to refer me to a Gastroenterologist. She paid attention to my symptoms and ordered the definitive Endoscopy with Ultrasound and CT scan that found the small tumor in the tail of my Pancreas.

From that point forward, I was rapidly moved through the UCLA system; Distal Pancreatectomy and Splenectomy on October 23, 2020. Following surgery, the doctors wanted me to start chemotherapy 3 weeks later.

I told them I would do chemo, but that I was giving myself 2 months to let my body heal and regain her strength. I started chemotherapy on January 4, 2021. During the next 5 months, I listened to and watched my body’s reaction to the chemo and pushed the Oncologist to adjust the structuring of the infusion frequency and the dosage. Deep inside, I knew what my body could handle and its sensitivity to the drug. I managed to complete 8 rounds of Gemsar via an IV catheter in my arm before developing blood clots in the lower segments of both lungs.

My chemotherapy was aborted at that point and my Pulmonary doctor put me on Eliquis for one year until my body was able to clear most of the clots. I continued to have regular CT scans of my Chest and Abdomen to monitor for cancer and lung functioning.

Meanwhile, through those 30 months of being “cancer free” I worked a strenuous program of Anti-cancer self-care for my body, mind, emotions and spirit: diet, exercise, journaling, prayer, meditation and time in nature, rest, time with trusted family, constant listening to my body and what she needed, making adjustments whenever needed.

In June, 2023, a routine Chest CT spotted a small metastatic tumor in my liver. After a month of waiting and indecision, the Tumor Board said I had 4 choices: surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or a “never- before- used for Pancreatic patients” Ablation of the liver tumor. I chose an Ablation by an Interventional Radiologist.

That Ablation and surveillance testing with CT scans and MRIs of the liver every 3 months, with CA19-9 blood tests for Pancreatic antigens once a month have been my only course of treatment. I refused the multiple doctors’ suggestions to go on systemic chemotherapy.

Again, I relied on my strong belief that my body could heal herself and keep the microscopic Pancreatic cancer cells at bay by continuing to follow my rigorous Holistic Cancer Recovery program for body, mind, emotions and spirit – as well as continuous surveillance testing.

True enough, my body remained “cancer free” from June 2023 – January 2024.

Little did know that from January – March 2024, my confidence in my body’s ability to heal would be tested by a set of unforeseen circumstances. It is a well-known fact that antibiotics destroy the gut’s healthy bacteria and Microbiome – which produce 70 – 80% of the immune system. For that reason, I have tried to avoid antibiotics at all costs. Unfortunately, in January 2024, I had 2 Urinary Tract Infections which required antibiotics. In February, my cat Hopie got very sick and due to his stress, he bit me. This sent me to the ER and required another round of antibiotics. I worked extra hard to restore my gut Microbiome with special foods, soups, rest, and exercise.

In February, I was hit by the death of my 56-year-old nephew from Melanoma and the death of my 46-year-old best friend in the Pancreatic community. Both of these losses impacted me deeply. I loved them, I visited them in hospice and the hospital, and their losses shook me to the core. Their deaths by cancer frightened me, “This could happen to me.”

For weeks my body was depressed, lethargic, overwhelmed, terribly sad and confused: “How could this have happened to them? Why did they die?”

Going for my CT scan and MRI tests in March carried a whole new level of fear and near-panic for me. I doubted whether my body could resist the overwhelming stressors of the prior 2 months, whether my immune system had remained intact and capable of holding the cancer cells at bay.

It is the most frightened I have ever been in my 3-1/2-year cancer journey. To add another level of stress, it took 5 days of waiting to get the results of each test! To say I was TERRIFIED is an understatement!

I am relieved and grateful to share that- once again, my tests were NEGATIVE for recurrence or metastasis! My body has remained strong and healthy. Every organ in my body is healthy and I require no medication.

I thank God for carrying me through this difficult time and for the Gift of each new day.

I thank my doctors at UCLA for following me so closely with surveillance testing and providing emotional support and genuine concern for me. I am grateful for receiving acupuncture at Santa Monica East West Medicine.

And I am grateful for the strength, wisdom, and resilience of my beautiful body, mind, emotions and spirit for maintaining my state of health and wellbeing. I dedicate myself to the promotion of EMPOWERMENT and HEALING for cancer patients around the world through a combination of the best of Western medicine and a Holistic Cancer Recovery Program.

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