"Creating A Healthy Life and Marriage"

by Judith Anne Desjardins
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From the front book flap:

“The process of searching for one’s true identity can be a painful and perplexing journey. This book is designed to guide your journey and help you achieve the desires of your heart. Whether you are searching for inner peace and a healthy life, a healthy relationship, or a healthy marriage (or all of the above), this book is for you.”

From the book:

“Having the relationship you want will not be easy. You must first work on yourself.”

“We live in a society today that is preoccupied with immediate results. We want things that are fast and easy… As a result, there are a great number of people who have low frustration tolerance, inability to postpone gratification, poor problem solving skills, little self-awareness, inability to tolerate the pain that is incumbent in the growth process of a relationship… They are often ill-equipped for a healthy relationship with themselves or with another person.”

“The work I am encouraging you to do is on your ‘interior life,’ the parts of yourself which you cannot see from the outside, but which greatly influence the direction and quality of your life as a whole…”

“To understand the importance of the unconscious, let us look at the desire for love and marriage. Many people are quite clear they want to love and to marry. What they don’t realize, however, is there are feelings inside them, on an unconscious level, which are frightened of love, commitment and intimacy…So what happens is, while the person is actively pursuing love and marriage, he or she is trying just as hard unconsciously to avoid it.”

“Creating A Healthy Life and Marriage” Synopsis:

The material provided in this book was gleaned from Judith Desjardins’ personal journey of healing and transformation. It is a modern day “mental health almanac,” filled with insight into all the seasons of growth in relationships – childhood, teen years, young adult, mature adult. The unique Holistic Approach teaches you how to achieve balance in your relationships and your relationship with your Self. This book is for young people, single adults and married couples. It is practical and educational, inspiring and poignant.


With the credibility of someone who has travelled the path she describes, Judith Desjardins provides a wealth of wisdom and practical self-help tools for those longing to create lives and marriages that nourish their Highest and most Authentic Selves.

The message of this book is one of hope and optimism that we can improve ourselves and our relationships to others. The unique aspects are the holistic approach, the combination of Judith’s personal history, how she overcame obstacles she faced, and how she turned it into tools for helping others.

As benefits from reading this book, you will:

  • learn the effects of childhood trauma
  • identify your childhood coping mechanisms
  • uncover your hidden Inner Child
  • see how the unexplored Unconscious can sabotage your desire to find love
  • learn the phases of establishing a healthy relationship
  • use self-help tools to enhance your work in psychotherapy and Twelve Step recovery
  • develop relationship skills for handling money, sex, conflict
  • learn parenting skills for developing healthy children
  • experience the role of boundaries and forgiveness in healing
  • discover the power of spirituality in your relationship
  • learn the connection between body symptoms and unresolved problems in the mind, emotions and spirit

One additional bonus is the art work, dream analyses, and creative writing presented.


“This book is a wonderful resource for anyone not yet familiar with their Inner Children and the healing that comes from allowing them their voice. With the credibility of someone who has traveled the path she describes, Judith Desjardins provides a wealth of wisdom and practical resources for those of us longing to create lives and marriages that nourish our Highest and most Authentic Selves…. The questionnaires and tools will be quite helpful to help anyone fearful of psychotherapy: they add direction and concreteness to what may otherwise seem like a nebulous, unstructured activity…” -Dr. Shani Fox

Book Reviews

“A powerful book with a wealth of Information Using her own personal experiences as well as the skills and knowledge she has acquired over thirty-three years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Holistic Private Psychotherapist, Judith Anne Desjardins in her Creating A Healthy Life and Marriage: A Holistic Approach: Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit has crafted a systematic plan in helping people attain a healthy and fulfilling marriage.” -Norm Goldman


“Working with Judith Desjardins has been a life changing experience. Insecurity, love, marriage, infertility, success, Judith has been there every step of the way. Her approach to life issues is compassionate…” – Kathleen Rodriguez

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