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Author, therapist, and inspirational speaker Judith Anne Desjardins is dedicated to educating, healing, and encouraging others. Judith is an award winning author with a holistic approach, and is available for consultations, workshops, and speaking engagements. Get in touch today!

Our Journey with Prostate Cancer cover

Our Journey With Prostate Cancer

This book cover was carefully designed to serve as a Guided Meditation during your battle with cancer and is a source of Inspiration.

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creating a healthy life and marriage

Creating A Healthy Life & Marriage

Time warps readers to their formative years… & why they think and feel the way they do about sex and intimacy today.

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Truly My Cup is Full and Overfloweth

You know you are living in a STATE OF GRACE when all the parts of your day or your life fall into alignment. I am blessed by two passions: gardening and providing psychotherapy. It’s interesting because they have much in common: As a gardener, my creations...

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Follow Your Dreams

When my beloved Brutie Boy died on September 29, 2017, my heart was broken and I did not know if I wanted to continue living. The loss of a loved one envelops the survivor in a spiral of emotions: sadness, despair, abandonment, anger, fear, self-doubt,...

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A Dream Come True

In 2013, I sold Polish translation rights of my book CREATING A HEALTHY LIFE AND MARRIAGE to Purana Publishing. They changed the book cover and gave it the title WOUNDED HEARTS to appeal to the Polish people and culture. Although it was my heart’s desire to bless the...

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Also Available:

Zranione Serca” is the Polish translation of “Creating a Healthy Life & Marriage” and is available now!

Endorsements for “Our Journey with Prostate Cancer”

“I recommend this book to cancer patients, their spouses and significant others, doctors and nurses involved in the care of cancer patients, social workers, and other healthcare providers.” – Przemyslaw Twardowski, M.D., Medical Oncologist, City of Hope