“Today we lost the heart of our family. We are struggling to recover our breath.”

I want to thank God for giving us 14 wonderful years with Brutie. We adopted him in November 2003 and he blessed our lives beyond our wildest imagination:

He brought us his boundless joy of life and spontaneity

His limitless, unconditional love filled every nook and cranny of our hearts and healed the wounds of our childhoods

His experience with abuse in his first family made him especially sensitive to the emotions of every abused animal and sad client, and he showered them with love

Brutie and I in the Arroyo

He was the best friend and playmate I never had as a child and blessed all my Inner Children. We played and laughed, napped and hiked daily, and had magical drives to our home in Santa Fe

Brutie and Hope

He had always wanted a cat sibling and welcomed little Hope into our family in 2013. They forged a brotherly bond of love that knew no boundaries. They slept, played, ate, and bathed together; walked shoulder to shoulder like two gun slingers, and protected each other

As my little child, he gave me the opportunity to grow into the best possible parent and taught me parental wisdom, patience, tenderness, flexibility, and endurance to handle any circumstance or hardship

His large body and beautifully soft fur gave me comfort and delight, and I loved to kiss his nose and majestic head

He kept me safe every day of his life and enveloped me in his undying love, desire to make me happy, and healing presence

Never separated in fourteen years, Brutie and I were one person in body and spirit. He was and is the love of my life

Thank you, thank you, thank you, God, for our beautiful Brutie Boy- who will live with us always.