For the last year-and-a half, I had the honor and privilege to focus the bulk of my time and attention on caring for my aging Brutie Boy.

I had no idea that God would use those experiences to teach me lessons about myself and principles of life, love, hardship, death, grieving, and healing that would be invaluable in my work as a holistic psychotherapist, and to me as an evolving human being.

You see, only in the perfect love that Brutie and I shared could I be open and vulnerable enough to learn the lessons.

When you look around my website you will see Brutie everywhere:

  • He and I are together in my Home page photo
  • He appears in each of my books
  • There are “Lessons From Brutie” on my Blog page
  • There are blogs that were inspired by my challenges with aging Brutie
  • He was at my side when I created my website, wrote my books, helped me battle my husband’s prostate cancer, welcomed his cat brother, Hope, into our family, and was my valuable assistant in sessions with my therapy clients

To honor his many gifts to me, I will be sharing blogs I wrote in the last two years of his life – which offer much wisdom and insight into understanding the body/mind/emotions/spirit connection.

I know he will bless you as he so richly blesses me.